GotSoccer Tournament software was first introduced to the market in 2004 and was an immediate success. Within a year about 100 events had switched to the software and now almost 1,000 tournaments rely on GotSoccer.

98% of the major events use our tournament but it's power, flexibility and ease of use is utilized be tournaments of all sizes and competition level.

Every aspect of tournament hosting is done from within your GotSoccer account, including:
  • Accepting online applications
  • Accepting credit cards, checks, e-checks and vouchers
  • Creating flights and brackets
  • Scheduling the event
  • Tools to handle coaching conflicts
  • Call in scores
  • Mobile apps to change schedules, enter scores, check rosters and more
  • Video scoreboards
  • Text messaging
  • Robust email program
  • Complete integration with college coaches database
  • Seamless integration with GotSoccer Referee program
  • And much more....

Mike Libber
Elite Tournaments
"The GotSoccer software has been one of the main reasons our events have grown so well over the past 11 years. Without it we would have not been able to accomplish what we have done during that time frame." says Mike Libber, president of Elite Tournaments.

Mike and his staff run over 20 events, from relatively small club events to nationwide showcase tournaments for organizations such as the NSCAA.
"GotSoccer has been great to work with and has always tried to adapt their software to meet our needs"

Elite Tournaments handles about 2,000 team applications through GotSoccer every year. When launched a decade ago, Libber managed only on or two events.

"The integration with the college coaches is vital for several of our events that target the high-school players. With a single click we can print profile books and allow college coaches to search our participants for recruits.

"But GotSoccer provides other benefits. Teams are familiar with GotSoccer and they search out events using the software. It's easy for them to enter and the scores are directly fed into the GotSoccer Rankings," Libber adds.

Chris Friant, tournament director for the Richmond Strikers in Richmond, VA is another long-time happy client.

Chris Friant
Tournament Director
Richmond Strikers
"After an extensive research and investigation period, I selected GotSoccer as my scheduling and database software. I have been using their product now for over 5 years," he says.

"Since coming to the Richmond Strikers several years ago, many companies have approached us about switching to their products. No one has come close to their front- and back-end scheduling sophistication, while being extremely easy to use. In addition, their comprehensive database and email management continue to be one of the best products on the market."

Friant is also very happy with the constant introduction of new features GotSoccer introduces.
"Two other elements that make GotSoccer scheduling software are their on-the-fly scheduling changes and their complete team account integration. Their software has given us the ability to make schedule changes instantly, and get teams and referees notified quickly; never missing a start time or field placement. We have over 1500 teams enter our tournaments annually and 98% of them have GotSoccer team accounts that are integrated into the scheduling software. These accounts have extensive histories and integrated results comparisons that allow us to extensively research and place teams into our acceptances and brackets," he adds.