The package includes bed and breakfast, and we've worked hard to choose hotels that are clean, safe and more than comfortable. 

The Russell Court Hotel is where tour master Ted McDougall likes to stay when he's in town, and one of the hotels that we'll be using next July. 

All rooms come with an en-suite bathroom. Use the Internet to check reviews of the hotel. 

Your trip to Bournemouth includes accommodation and breakfast, which will be served at the hotel. Bournemouth has a lively downtown area, with good shopping, excellent restaurants and lots of beach activities that stretch into the early evening.  With a late sunset of about 9.40pm, it's probably the best place to spend a warm summer evening in England.

The average July temperature in Bournemouth is a balmy 72 degrees. That's why a 2009 survey found that Bournemouth is rated the happiest place in the U.K., with 82% of residents giving the area a positive thumbs up! 

All hotels are about 10 minutes from Chapel Gate, where the games will be played, and only few hundred yards from the best beaches in England.