The GotSoccer Tournament module, then called the "Soccer Scheduler" was first released in early 2004 - our first software product for the soccer market. We were in our infancy, with a staff of two and known primarily for an set of rowdy forums and our team rankings.

Now GotSoccer is the busiest soccer on website in the USA - this Memorial Day Sunday we had 1.29 million page views, over 1,000 page views per minute!  Our traffic dwarfs that of any other youth soccer site on the web. GotSoccer provides software for every facet of the soccer market - tournament, leagues, club registration and management, state software, college recruiting, referee scheduling and facility management as well as rankings that set the standard used by over 1000 tournaments and leagues for seeding. Our staff has grown to 15.

Aaron Wilmoth

Aaron Wilmoth is the chief architect behind the database design and implementation.  He's been with GotSoccer since the company moved into software development, and wrote the code for the original ranking system. 

Aaron is a stickler for security and has a passion for quality work. As a result under his guidance, GotSoccer has always written and designed all key elements of its software and not imported third-party code unnecessarily. 
The blazing speed that Aaron and his team put out advancements, updates and new features is one of the main reasons who GotSoccer has become the dominant software provider to the soccer community, and why we stay ahead of the pack. 

We put out new products, updates and changes to our software on a daily basis, and you can find information about all those releases right here. Please check back regularly to see all updates.