GotSoccer College system

The GotSoccer College system is used by almost 4,000 college coaches to search for recruits and view player profiles. It's directly integrated into the GotSocer Tournament and League scheduling modules, and tied to over 2,500 team accounts and more then two million player profiles. 

No other college recruitment system is used as much by so many!

GotSoccer has staff members dedicated to keeping college information current, including tuition costs, subjects offered and most importantly athletic staff members. 

The GotSoccer College Search program allows players to reach out and contact coaches. This unique and inexpensive system allows players to:
  • Search for colleges by region or state
  • Division Level, NCAA Division 1, 2, 3, of NAIA
  • College Offerings
  • and even narrow down the search to those colleges that will accept your grades

Players can filter their search by numerous criteria to obtain more accurate results by:
  • Number of students at the college
  • Student to teacher ration
  • Cost of tuition
  • Which athletic conference
  • and even the specialties and majors offered by the institution

Membership allows unlimited searching of the GotSoccer College Database:
  • 1506 Colleges
  • 4275 Collage coaches
  • College Profiles include:
  • General college information
  • Contact information
  • Soccer program profile
  • Coach profiles
  • As a member, you can forward your profile via fax and email directly to 10 college programs of your choice
  • 10 Video uploads to your online profile
  • Download a PDF of your GotSoccer profile
  • Have access to the GotSoccer College Recruiting Guide

The GotSoccer College Search program offers:

Integration -
  • Automatically updates your event participation
  • Links to team results/schedules
  • Profile books for tournaments and member teams

Security -
Player contact information only available through secured access, not publicly viewed
Only vetted college coaches are provided with access

Dedicated Staff -
College information always current

To enroll in the program players need to log into their on line account and select COLLEGE SEARCH from the menu. The cost is $100 for a 12-month subscription.