Gavin Owen-Thomas

Gavin's a former journalist who worked in both newspapers and television media while also coaching at both youth and professional level.

Born in Namibia, he grew up in South Africa before moving to England and then on to the United States, arriving in 1978. Gavin started playing as soon as he was old enough to kick a ball, and like every youngster he dreamed of playing, fame and glory. Oh, well....

But he does have a USSF A Coaching license, and took his UEFA A License in Wales.

GotSoccer is a play on his initials. He launched the website in 1996, and for the first few years it was well-known for its soccer forum. In 2003 Gavin commissioned programmer Aaron Wilmoth to build a scheduling program based on a design he drew on the back of a restaurant napkin, and GotSoccer as we know it today was born.
Aaron Wilmoth

Aaron was born in Toledo, Ohio and spent time in Houston before moving to Florida in 2005. He's our chief architect and in charge of our tech team.

He writes code with blazing speed, but never takes his eye off security and quality - that's what makes him an absolute genius with a keyboard.

Aaron joined GotSoccer in 2000, designing our early forums and then the initial GotSoccer Rankings. In 2003 he started on our first tournament scheduling program. Now, over 1,000 events nationwide rely on it.

It was the first software program GotSoccer was to offer to the soccer community.

Ria Owen-Thomas

Ria was born in Washington DC and grew up in Bethesda, Maryland where she started her soccer career with Bethesda Soccer Club, playing for the five-time state champions Bethesda Dragons.

In 2003 she moved to Atlanta to join GotSoccer and take control of the rankings. At that time the rankings were entirely manual and we had to enter each result in game by game. It was this tedious work that inspired us to develop our own scheduling software that would feed the scores directly into the rankings...and eventually lead to the only completely integrated soccer database.

Ria is based at GotSoccer's headquarters in Neptune Beach, Florida.
Bill Cameron

Bill grew up on Long Island, New York and after college went to work on Wall Street. He got involved with the sport like many of our clients - his oldest son started to play and Bill drove him to practices and games. When his younger son started to play the team needed a coach...need we go on?

A few years later Bill joined forces with a couple of other Long Islanders to run an event which became a leading showcase event on the east coast, drawing the top teams in the country and hundreds of college coaches.

It was during this time that he started using GotSoccer software, and he liked the tournament module so much that he joined the company. Now Bill works closely with our state association clients, helping them make the transition to our management program.

Sheuneen Ta

Born in London, Sheuneen came to America on a soccer scholarship where she graduated from the University of Miami with graphics arts and business degrees. But her links to GotSoccer go back to her London days where she played for Gavin at Arsenal Ladies Centre of Excellence.

Sheuneen also represented England at youth level, the Under-20 World Cup and at the World University Games.

She's our chief graphic designer and responsible for all websites, adverts,animations and marketing presentations.

Sheuneen is based in Santa Monica, California.

Jared Hirschowitz

Jared is a Texan now living in New York City, where he handles customer support for GotSoccerPro, our professional league scheduling software, and GotFootball, the UK version of GotSoccer.

Jared comes from a soccer family. he played for the Dallas Texans as did his sisters. Ray, his father is a long-time GotSoccer client using our software to run the tournaments and leagues.

Jared went to Georgia Tech and graduated with a business degree.

William Cameron

William joined GotSoccer in 2009 and it was like a duck taking to water. He''s excelled at his job, his pleasant attitude and willingness to help clients has been a big boost for us.

He was born in New York and moved down to Florida when his father, Bill joined GotSoccer in 2005. But even before his official start date, William helped out with summer jobs. He worked his way through Florida State University helping tournament and club clients. Other work he performed while in school also prepared him for GotSoccer - William used to help his father run tournaments.

William now handles all sales to clients in the USA and Canada.

Philip Cameron

Philip worked for GotSoccer in a part-time capacity while studying at Cortland University in New York, and graduating joined the company full-time.

Philip works in our State Software Support Center focussing on assisting tournament and league schedulers.


David Chalstrom

David was born in Ames, Iowa and is now Director of Relations with our State Association clients as well as handling club, tournament and league support.

He joined GotSoccer in July, 2010. David is highly experienced in the field of youth sports management, working with Host Communications running what was then the GotMilk 3v3 tournament circuit before moving to Disney's Wide World of Sports. While there, David worked closely with GotSoccer software and when we were looking to expand we thought immediately of David.

He's based out of our Neptune Beach office.

Matt Cassman

Matt comes to us from Orange Park, Florida. A lawyer licensed in Florida he's Head of our Internal Legal Department and also in charge of our Support Center.  

At a young age, Matt developed a fascination for any and all sports, playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. As a kid, he aspired to one day become a professional athlete, but when that didn’t pan out, he ended up at Florida State University.

Peter Nolan

Peter's a highly experienced writer who now covers the MLS, American players abroad and the National Teams for the GotSoccer Magazine.

He's based in Brooklyn, New York and is a Fulham fan because the club has utilized American players Brian McBride, Carlos Bocanegra, Eddie Johnson and Clint Dempsey. Before joining GotSoccer Peter had written extensively for several Irish publications, including the Irish Times.

Peter covers the USA Men's and Women's National Teams as well as the MLS

Anthony Ta

Anthony grew up in London with a ball at his feet. He obtained a Psychology degree at Middlesex University before going to China where he studied at the Beijing Culture and Language University. Anthony returned to England to obtain a Masters Degree in Sports Marketing at the University of London.

Anthony is based in Los Angeles and is Gotsoccer's head of Branding.