GotSoccer has always approached the referee and assigning programming from a totally different angle. The way we see it is that referee costs amount to over 80% of the costs of a tournament or league - and over 80% of the complaints administrators receive are about refereeing. Imaging trying to run a business where you have no control over your costs or your customer service? Well. that's what the soccer community does by and large because until GotSoccer released the integrated assigning software our competitors put out stand-alone software that had no relationship to the scheduling programming.  A league or tournament would create a schedule and send an Excel version to the assignor, and would have no way of knowing whether every game was covered, let alone who  was assigned to each game. 

Steve Brink
Indiana Soccer Association
League Assignor Administrator

"The referee assigning module has given me the ability to assign games with ease and accuracy," says Steve Brink, the administrator for assignors in Indiana Soccer and himself an assignor. 

"I can quickly see the availability of my referees and notify them of assignments.  I assign multiple events and leagues and the tools GotSoccer has built in the system completely integrates the administrative work from the event organizer to referees filing game reports.

Steve particularly likes the integration of the software. 

"Everyone is always on the same page," he says.   "As the Indiana League Assignor Administrator for youth travel leagues, the tools also give me a complete overview and access to assist and help train other assignors."

GotSoccer's integrated system allows assignors to work on the very same schedule the scheduling staff is creating, and all work is seen by all parties live