After conquering and consolidating the tournament market with the most amazing scheduling software available, GotSoccer turned its attention to leagues, and developed an even better product. 

Ray Hirschowitz
League and Tournament Director
Lake Highlands Classic League

Ray Hirschowitz, who schedules dozens of tournaments as well as the very competitive Lake Highlands Girls Classic League in Dallas, Texas, has been an enthusiastic long-time user: "I schedule tournaments and leagues with 100 to 550 teams, and have used Gotsoccer for over 10 years. I do not believe that I could do this with any software other than GotSoccer. 

Ray has never been hesitant to ask for additional features and over the years he's seen many of his ideas incorporated into the software. 

"Since I started using the GotSoccer software for my tournaments, it has developed into a complete package that now encompasses all aspects of the soccer business. I hope to use it for the next 10 years and be part of the advancements that your software will make." 

The irony is that 10 years ago the adamantly claimed no scheduling software could ever do a better job then a manually created spreadsheet. 

"Those were the days," he laughs. "But the level of expectations of our clients has risen with the times. Rainouts, field changes and delays are expected to be communicated instantly to every team, coach, manager and all players instantly. 

"Scores must be entered immediately and table standing updated within minutes of every game." he explained. 

"GotSoccer is responsible for bringing this technology to the soccer market, and without their software we couldn't keep providing the service we do."

Now over 500 leagues nationwide, from small in-house events to multi-state and  and national events use the GotSoccer league software. Every aspect of tournament hosting is done from within your GotSoccer account, including:
  • Accepting online applications
  • Accepting credit cards, checks, e-checks and vouchers
  • Creating flights and brackets
  • Scheduling the event
  • Tools to handle coaching conflicts
  • Teams can request as many blackout days as the league rules allow
  • Schedule is integrated with other tournaments and leagues and scheduling events, allowing schedulers to see who else is using fields assigned to the league.  
  • Automatically schedule two large leagues at the same time so as to balance one league with another. For example, one week League A get to schedule it's game with the opening time slot, while the next League B goes first.
  • Ability to share fields with different clubs clubs
  • Call in scores
  • Mobile apps to change schedules, enter scores, check rosters and more
  • Video scoreboards
  • Text messaging
  • Robust email program
  • Complete integration with college coaches database
  • Seamless integration with GotSoccer Referee program
  • And much more....