GotSoccer Website Software

The GotSoccer Website Editor is an easy to use software that is fully integrated with your GotSoccer Account. You can link to your Tournaments, Registration, Teams, Scores & Schedule and much more through a few simple clicks. With this software you can manage all of your soccer needs under a single umbrella.

The Website Editor is both WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) and a text editor. Meaning, you can either format your pages visually, using the simple icons in the editor, or, for more advanced users, write HTML/CSS code manually. This makes the software easy to use for beginners and powerful enough for those with website experience.

How it works:

There are 2 types of HTML pages that can be created - Templates and Content Pages. GotSoccer will build you a Template and then you build/manage your Content Pages.

1. Templates: A Template is a page that holds the design of your website - it is basically your Website but without any content. So whatever is inside of the template will be generated on every page of your website. The only thing that will change is the content which is fed in to the content area designated on your template.

2. Content Pages: These are the pages of content that you will create for your website. For example, when a person visits your website and clicks on the About Us button the About Us content page, with all the content you inserted, will load into the yellow content area you see in the template above.

You can create as many content pages as you choose to do so - you may want a Contact Us page, a Merchandise page etc. Links to these pages can be automatically generated OR you may decide to have these links as a part of your template and thus on every page. (Learn more about these generated links by going to our Websites page) . Below is an example of a content page inside of the your website control panel Editor. 

After you have created your content and published the page it will automatically be generated into your website:-

Image 1: this is what you see in your control panel. Image 2: this is how it is published.

One of the greatest features about the software is that it is linked to your GotSoccer database and managed right inside of your account. Take a look at how the software can generate team, coaches and event pages.